‘Re’ stands as much for re-turning to the Bible, as for a specific re-interpretation, namely: the Bible as a guide or a routemap to Unity Consciousness.

In short: the Bible tells the story how we fell out of Unity and how to get back.

Why would / should we go back?

Because Unity forms the true essence who we are: it is the ground and origin of our being. All the problems we face in daily life, are coming from not being aligned with our true nature.

Now you are probably thinking: “Ok, I have heard this before, what is new about this?”

The way I have learned to approach Unity Consciousness is through authentic, raw, honest interaction with God > only through personal experience and integration, I am able to realize, actualize and share Unity Consciousness. This I have to do myself, but I cannot do it alone: I need Gods help.

This is the point which represents the biggest struggle for me, and, in my opinion, it is also the biggest struggle for whole mankind.

But it is a fake struggle!!!

In reality God and I are one. The problem lies in the actual situation, where I don’t realize God and I are one. This has everything to do with the image I have of God, which directly relates to my self-image and the image I have got of other people. We are into this together so to speak.

In the light of Unity Consciousness the stories of the Bible do not only make sense, but also want to be lived by you in your unique way. You will recognize what is being told: not so much in a rational way, but as a lived experience in your daily life.

The stories in the Bible will help you grow to actually become who you already are in truth. To realize, actualize and share this, makes all the difference.

Resistance, disbelief, anger, hurt, sadness: everything is welcome! Don’t belief the characters in the Bible are holy people: they all face difficulties, challenges, deep losses, despair, frustration, etc.

Enough for now: in september I will start a 2/3 month journey through the Bible. More information coming soon! If you don’t want to wait: I already give online coaching or offline when you want to walk with me in a forest near Amersfoort (the Netherlands).

If you feel the calling: contact me!

With love,