Re-Bible: in the footsteps of Love

‘Re’ stands as much for re-turning to the Bible, as for a specific re-interpretation, namely: the Bible as a guide or a routemap to Unity Consciousness and Self realization.

In short: the Bible tells the story how we fell out of Unity, lost our consciousness about who we truly are and how to get back/ wake up again.

Why would / should we go back?

Because Unity forms the true essence who we are: it is the ground and origin of our being. All the problems we face in daily life, are coming from not being aligned with our true nature.

In reality God, you, I and everyone are one. The problem lies in the actual situation, where I don’t realize God and I are one. This has everything to do with the image I have of God, which directly relates to my self-image and the image I have got of other people. We are ‘into this together’ so to speak.

I strongly believe that Christianity in its original form, was based on the principle of living from/ towards Unity consciousness. In the light of Unity Consciousness the stories of the Bible do not only make sense, but they also are a direct and personal invitation to the ‘Journey of the Soul’ (sometimes called: the Hero’s Journey). You will recognize what is being told: not so much in a rational way, but as a lived experience in your daily life.

Resistance, disbelief, anger, hurt, sadness: everything is welcome! Don’t think the characters in the Bible are obedient, nice and perfect people: they all face difficulties, challenges, deep losses, despair, frustration, etc. In other words: get ready for a bumpy ride!

Enough for now: in november I will start a 7 week journey through the Bible. More information coming soon! If you don’t want to wait: I already give online coaching or offline when you want to walk with me in a forest near Amersfoort (the Netherlands).

If you feel the calling: contact me!

With love,